Detox the Mind

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Picture your life free from stress, anxiety, fear and depression. Imagine waking up each day filled with peace and joy. Through meditation on inner Light and inner Sound, millions have learned the secret to replacing stress with relaxation and happiness. You too can experience inner vistas of unimaginable beauty shimmering with brilliant colors and enchanting music. Radiant light embraces you with warm, blissful love. Yet, when distracted by life's challenges, many remain unaware of inner happiness and peace. Through mental detoxification you can remove blockages that keep you from the happiness you deserve. By detoxing your mind, enjoy wondrous vistas of light, peace, and love within.

Each of us can make this dream a reality. Sant Rajinder Singh illumines in Detox the Mind a step-by-step plan with engaging exercises for living a joyous, tranquil life.